Sep 112014

After an exciting tour across the United States and Canada this past spring, we took the summer to regroup and re-energize. We’re quietly working behind the scenes on a number of projects, like translating our website into French and Spanish, organizing our upcoming book tour in Australia, and planning our five year anniversary celebrations for October 2014, but most importantly: we’re working on getting our new anthology into as many libraries as possible in order to create the greatest access to our work imaginable!  

To date, our book can now be found at over 84 libraries in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We’ve even made this handy map below so you can check whether at least one library in your home state or province in North America has a copy available get through interlibrary loan programs.  Don’t see your state or province splashed in pink? Then do us a favor and ask your local or university library to consider purchasing a copy! Librarians can go to either our publisher or WorldCat pages for the information they might need to order the book for their collections. Our map below is based off WorldCat data, which is the most accurate data we can access.


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