AE Site now available in three languages!

 Posted by on noviembre 23, 2014
nov 232014

When we began our archival work in 2009, we did so with a commitment to ensuring that the world we document is as wide in range as possible.  We are also committed to making the material accessible to everyone, and our four publications came out of the desire to make sure this vital work was not restricted only to those with internet access.


Today, we are proud to announce a further step towards our commitment to making sure a queer, radical history is potentially available to as many as possible. After months of work, the Against Equality website is now available in English, French, and Spanish. To access another language simple choose from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the homepage where you will be taken to a properly translated version of the site, not simply a google translate version. Although the entirety of the archive’s contents and news feed has yet to be translated, the framework for the website is already up and running.

We continue to rethink the possibilities of a truly radical, truly liberatory world!

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