Mar 242012

designed by Liz Kinnamon for AE

Just a reminder that Against Equality is still looking for your sassiest, snarkiest, silliest and most sarcastic designs for our second postcard project.  On our website, we have continued to archive critical writing that encourages others to rethink the rhetoric of equality and inclusion as deployed by the mainstream gay and lesbian organizations and campaigns around gay marriage, hate crimes legislation and military inclusion.  Sadly, we have had a bit more difficulty finding critiques that employ visual culture (photography, video, print, performance, painting, film, etc), so we thought we would encourage more creative work around these through this postcard project.

A few selected designs will be printed on 4” x 6” postcards and the images will be added to the AE digital archives.  These postcards will be distributed internationally through our low-cost online store.  Designers whose images are selected will be compensated with a stack of fifty of their own postcards as well as a handful from the rest of the designers!  Submissions should directly address one or more of the themes from our digital archive (italicized above).  All entries must be received by email on March 31, 2012 as 300dpi .pdf files with all colors converted to CMYK.  And don’t forget to leave an 1/8” bleed on all sides!

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